Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

To start the new year, I'd like to thank you all for the support and kind comments in the past years. It is a wonderful thing that people from all corners of the world can share a common passion. So my one New Year wish is that we'd all be able to have satisfying experiences in our fibery adventures in the coming year.

My New Year's Day has been a great one. I finished my first pair of socks and started a beaded pattern for January's SKA Sockdown! I am not kidding ... I not only finished a pair of socks, but a fair isle pair:
I didn't have a penny with me when taking the photo, so I used the pin instead for scale. Aren't they cute? They were made with US00 dpns and 2-ply Wool Ease in 2 colours. They are part of a square for the GAA. As it turned out, the socks were easier to make than the square. I tried twice but was still not able to get the square right.

The SKA Sockdown challenge for January is beaded sock pattern. I happened to have one beaded sock kit in my stash:
It is the last Sock That Rock Club Kit I have. Not having knitted with the yarn for quite some time, it is a pleasant reminder of the STR beautiful colours. It was a fun pattern. But since I couldn't use the crochet hook method to put the beads (the holes of the beads are irregular ... and even the smallest steel hook I have couldn't pass through some of them), I had to thread them first ... this was the painful part.

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