Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sparky instead of Pearly

Not much knitting news as the 2x2 ribbing is pretty boring, but I did pick out the buttons for Gabi ... instead of the pearly ones I first had in mind, I chose this sparky one:
I think it would go well with the Kidsilk Night.

Last night, we watched "The Great Escape" ... a great movie but I am always hesitant in watching it because (1) it is pretty darn long (close to 3 hours!) (2) though there were a lot of positive things celebrated in the movie, I always find the story very sad ... or heavy. However, since it is a really great movie, once you start watching, you would just get drawn into the story.

Besides, I made 2 discoveries last night. First, I saw the young actor who would later come Dr. Ducky Mallard, one of my favourite cast members in NCIS. Second, the "Cooler King" Steve McQueen reminded me of someone ... I spent 1/3 of the movie time trying to figure who it was. Finally, I got it ... Damian Lewis! Obviously, I was not the only one!

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