Monday, December 22, 2008

Just in time for new year

... or maybe not. Narcissus are one of the traditional flowers Chinese like to display during Chinese New Year. Just by looking at the picture on the package, I thought paper whites were narcissus ... most probably they are kind of related, but definitely different ... the colour and the aroma. Anyway, my paper whites bloomed during the weekend:
Since Chinese New Year is still a month away, maybe I'll get a real narcissus bulb to see if I can have the real thing in time. :)

As planned, I picked up the GAA again during weekend and made the Maureen Egan Emlet Square:
I was hesitant in adding the embellishments at the beginning (because of the extra extra work) but now am glad that I did because the little bullion stitch flowers are so cute:
Okay, so they came with a price ... I didn't show you the back of the square ...

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