Thursday, December 11, 2008

I really can't explain this

I finished Diva in May ... a little more than half a year ago. So, I really can't justify this:
Yeah, for the last couple of weeks, I have been wearing the cardigan with these 2 ends dangling around. All I need to do is to pick up a darning needle and thread them into the i-cord. I know ... I'm going to do it after posting this. ::grin::

Remember the Cascading Leaves Socks I just started? They are no more:
There is nothing wrong ... except that the yarns shouldn't be used for socks. Jo Sharp's Alpaca Silk Georgette is a very lovely, super soft yarn. However, it is also one that screams "HAND WASH". I do not hand wash my socks ... and am not planning to change that. So, there is a new plan. I haven't made any smoke ring before but it would be a great and practical accessory for the cold weather.

I have also been working on Gabi:
Hopefully, this would be my last garment project in 2008. ;)

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