Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Knitrospect

It's that time of the year again when one would naturally tend to be a little nostalgic and a little progressive.

So, the easy part first ... numbers:
17 pairs of socks
1 huge Christmas stocking
2 sleeveless summer tops
1 wrap (Clapotis)
3 sweaters
4 cardigans
1 dress
1 quilt plus some sewing projects

Things did seem to have slowed down a bit in 2008 on the knitting front. That's what happens when you're widening your range of interests. I spent quite some time fiddling with the sewing machine in the middle of the year. I consider that time well spent and I plan to do a bit more next year.

Now some thoughts and plans.

1. My proudest moment was when I finished my first ever full-size quilt:
Honestly, it's not a really difficult pattern. But I can't stop feeling amazed at the harmonious beauty. However, knitted afghan is still my most favourite. In the coming year, I see myself finishing at least 2 afghans. Sound ambitious? One is actually done halfway.

2. 2008 was my self-assigned "Year of Nancy Bush Patterns" for socks. I did that partly because very often I felt lost in the bizillion sock patterns available and ended up not knowing which one to make. Now I can say that the resolution served its purpose. For the first half of the year, I focused on making Nancy Bush's patterns and got myself into a good sock knitting groove. Once I was there, I was able to move onto other designers and patterns. Nancy Bush was like a safety net for me ... don't know what to make? Just pick one from hers and you are all set. :)

3. I have been pretty productive in socks last year ... largely thanks to Sock-A-Month Knitalong. The totally minimal requirement is an amazing motivation to make socks. Guess what? I'm definitely going to continue with the knitalong ... big surprise! The Sock Knitters Anonymous was one step beyond SAM. It requires a little bit more planning but again, no pressure ... just fun. So far, I was pretty good in keeping up. But I think 2 sock knitalongs are enough to keep me going while still leaving time for other projects.

4. I did quite a lot of one-piece garment knitting. Sometimes I liked it, sometimes I didn't ... especially when it was in the round. I know all about the many advantages of knitting in the round, but for me, knitting back and forth is still the most feel-right way. So, it would be very unlikely for me to change a pattern from flat knitting into knit-in-the-round.

5. The only colourwork project I did last year was Laila's Socks, which was a lot of fun ... and I love wearing the socks. I have yet to try a garment-size fair isle project. I think 2009 would be the time. Actually, I have everything I would need for the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan. This would also be my first experience at steeking ... ::gasp::

6. Recent discovery ... amongst my various handknits, Husband's most favourite is my first afghan:
This is his favourite cover up when taking a nap on the sofa ... in his words, "It's soft, warm and beautiful." Even though there would be new ones coming, I am not sure if he would allow me to retire this one! LOL!

Finally, it's time to say goodbye to 2008! With the projects I have planned so far (2 afghans, 12 pairs of socks, 1 fair isle cardigan, a lace stole, Unst), my 2009 schedule seems pretty substantial already. I just can't wait for the new year to come and this feeling has never been so strong ... do you feel the same?

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