Monday, December 08, 2008

08:27 Cardigan Cozy

I thought I would never see this again ... actually I had been prepared to brace the gas price going over $4. Today, the price for the premium grade gas is below $2! Even in the high-price days, we didn't really complain ... Husband is from France, so to him, gas prices here are always cheaper than in Europe; I didn't drive in Hong Kong, but I do know that prices are way higher there too. Actually, I think that the really high prices in the last year has helped to bring the consciousness of getting independent from oil ... it seems new (driving) habits are starting to take place and the drive to explore other sources of energy is given momentum. So, while I am happy not having to break the wallet every time I fill up the car, I think having the gas prices maintained at a certain level is not really a bad thing.

Since it is December already, I've been thinking about my knitting in 2008. On the whole, I'm pretty happy with my projects, though not all of them turn out to be practical ... but I did have a good time working on them and that's the most important. However, one little regret/disappointment ... it seems I won't be able to finish my 2 afghan WIPs. During the weekend, I saw Dawn's beautiful Picnic Blanket ... so, I am going to set finishing the two afghan projects as one of my 2009 goals.

Now, the FO. One word of caution ... please ignore the grossly incorrect size I chose to knit. I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn before I started, so I chose to make the small size, hoping to push my luck. Besides, my gauge turned out to be tighter (I hate swatching with KSH). So, you should imagine the cardigan be put on a less ballooned body ...

Pattern: Cardigan Cozy from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines
The Romi shawl pin turns out to be the perfect accessory for this cardigan. It is like wearing a shawl with sleeves ... great! Though I don't mind it being larger ... LOL!
It would be wise to use stitch markers for the cables ... I almost lost my places at the beginning. Also, I knitted 3 rows in garter stitch before all the bind-offs.
From the book: "We have had to keep the samples for this airy cardigan under lock and key. Everybody who sees this wants it."

Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze (70% mohair, 30% silk) in colour Lord (3 balls)
I think the miscalculation of the amount of yarn required is the only complaint I have for the pattern. Though I learned from a Flickr comment that 2 balls were definitely not enough, I already had my mind set on making it using the 2 balls in my stash. Sometimes, human minds really work in a strange way!
Thanks to Ravelry, I was able to track down one more ball to finish the project. Though the dyelots are different, after washing, it was barely visible ... perhaps only when you pay really close attention.
It is always a lovely feeling wearing something made from KSH ... the yarn just makes you feel pampered. I bought a cashmere sweater for Husband recently ... KSH feels almost like cashmere!

Needles: Denise US8 and US10.5 (for binding off)

Cast On: 11-09-2008
Cast Off: 12-05-2008

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