Monday, November 24, 2008

You've got to love Ravelry ... seriously

This is the present state of my Cardigan Cozy:
I seamed one sleeve to make sure the fit is alright. The yarn left from the second ball would allow me to go another 4 or 5 rows ... so I need one more ball. I thought of using a different colour but this midnight blue is pretty unique and seems not to go well with the black I have in stash.

The real problem is: the 2 balls I used are gift from Joy a while back and I suspect that the colourway (Lord) has been discontinued as I couldn't find it anywhere, not even on eBay. I went to 2 LYSs and checked the current blue colourways ... not close. So, my only hope is an odd ball in someone else's stash. Before the age of Ravelry, this would almost be impossible. But through the yarn search, I was taken to Emma in Devon, UK ... and now I am waiting for the 3rd ball to come. YAY!

Now, I'd like you to meet 2 new friends:
Mr. Tipps ... he is very very sweet.

Edgar is relaxing on his favourite spot ... the top of the sofa.

Husband and I have been having piano lessons for almost 2 months. These are our piano teacher's cats ... aren't they gorgeous? The lessons themselves are enjoyable ... but the cats add to my eagerness to be there and harrass them with my hugs and scratches and chasing after them!

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