Monday, November 03, 2008

Pack your Election Day Backpack

I am not a US citizen, so I would just glue myself to the TV tomorrow. But I'm sure you are. Are you ready for tomorrow? Yes, it is unfortunate that people who want to exercise their constitutional right have to sacrifice their time and probably salaries to wait in the long line to cast their vote. In view of what is ahead, I think you can at least get yourselves a little bit more prepared by packing your Election Day backpack. These are items I would bring if I were to vote tomorrow:

- a small knitting project, of course ... most desirable is a simple sock;
- a bottle of water;
- energy bars, trail mix, chocolate ... anything that would fill your stomach and give you energy;
- an iPod (or similar device) with loads of your favourite music and podcasts, etc;
- if your cellphone doesn't have a camera recorder, bring a camera ... video your vote;
- lightweight rain poncho and an umbrella;
- documents you need for voting;
- clothes for layering ...

Have I missed something?

This is probably what would be going on here through the Election Day ... February Lady and Obama:
Yeah, my new project. I was truly surprised at how fast it was knitted up:

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