Friday, November 07, 2008

Once again stranded on Sleeve Island

Why are sleeves always taking so much more time? Always. Even knitting in the round. I am still struggling with the second sleeve:
Some of you mentioned the colour of my February Lady ... yeah, I heart this charcoal grey a lot too. It is a little bit darker than what you see in the picture. It is a cotton yarn from Elann a long long time ago. The way it works here is ... until the big rain storm hits, a thick cotton cardigan plus a turtle sweater underneath can last until after Christmas. A few days ago, I tried putting on my Diva (hehehe...) in the morning, but have to take it off once the fog was cleared and the sun out.

Yesterday the postman brought a big smile on my face:
I'm sure you would have read quite a bit about Classic Elite Knits and Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace of Estonia. But so far I haven't come across anyone reviewing Country Weekend Knits. I have to tell you, if you like classic designs, it is very possible that this is "the One" for you. There are altogether 25 patterns, and these are my favourites:

Favourites from "Country Weekend Knits"
1. Wheat Cable Cotton Sweater, 2. Tree of Life Aran Jacket, 3. Short-Sleeve Cotton Shirt, 4. Lace Cardigan in Eyelet Pattern, 5. Jacob's Ladder Sweater, 6. Fountain Lace Short-Sleeve Sweater, 7. Eriskay Gansey, 8. Classic Cotton Crewneck, 9. Chevron Aran Crewneck, 10. Cable and Moss Aran Tunic
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