Thursday, November 20, 2008

Half Blood Prince is one of the Harry Potter series that I like most, so naturally I've been waiting eagerly for the movie to come. Can anyone tell me why the movie was delayed to July 2009? The trailers were out ... I just watched the latest one. It is painful to have to wait that long.

And then there is the new James Bond movie. We watched the last one in the movie theatre ... and decided that as long as Denial Craig continues to be James Bond, we are not watching the movies in the theatre anymore. I have nothing against Denial Craig personally, just that he really is not the James Bond type ... at least to me. I like Pierce Brosnan the best (Husband's favourite is Roger Moore) ... and I think he was his best playing James Bond. Denial Craig is more like Jason Statham (the Transporter) ... kind of beefy and mixed martial arts type (I can totally see him fighting in the UFC cage) but lacking the subtle elegance and nobility of James Bond.

But there is more. I read somewhere that Tom Hanks will continue to play Robert Langdon in Angel & Demons. Am I the only one (besides Husband) who finds this casting wrong? There is completely nothing in Tom Hanks that speaks Robert Langdon ... I thought this was pretty obvious in The Da Vinci Code, no? I always thought Johnny Depp would be the perfect Langdon. ::sigh::

Well, sorry for bothering you with these movie whinings ... just have to get them out of my chest. ;) You come here for the knitting, right? Here you are:
I bet you have very little idea what this mess is ... LOL ... Cardigan Cozy from the latest Mason-Dixon book. The two extensions on the 2 sides are the sleeves knitted back and forth and will have to be sewn. I am about one inch down the armpit. I am still wondering how long a cardigan I can have with that remaining yarn.

Then, the sock:
There is a different name for each of the pattern band (you can click on the photo to see the larger version). This pattern is quite fun to work with, but with the pink yarn plus the beads, the socks are very girly ... :)

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