Monday, October 06, 2008

Prepare for Christmas

If you ask me now, I would tell you what I wish most now is for the Election Day to be held tomorrow. Though I know these are mainly acts of desperation, nasty low blows like these still make my blood boil. I hope the Obama camp can continue to stick to the important issues instead of falling into the traps.

Oops, slipped into politics again. Sorry.

2 months before Christmas. If you've been here this time of year before, you should know that I am not an avid Christmas-gift knitter. No exception this year. But this year, I do want to do something more Christmasy (?) and I have wanted to knit Christmas stocking for some time. The SKA Sockdown gives me a push.

I have chosen a gorgeous pattern (Austrian Alpine Treasure) from Interweave Press's Christmas Stockings:
There are 3 main patterns in the centre panel and I have finished one of them:
The written instructions and explanation of travelling stitch from the book were a bit confusing to me. So, I dropped reading that completely and just followed the charts (hooray for knitting charts!). I especially love the intricate side panels:
For the yarn, the designer's notes didn't recommend substituting the original yarn (Rauma 3 ply Strikkegarn) ... which I fail to understand why. Luckily I had experience of using this yarn ... and I felt that Lion Brand's Fisherman Wool would be a possible candidate for substitution. So far I am happy. :)

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