Thursday, October 16, 2008

19 more days to go

I watched the debate last night, did you? One of the post-debate comments on Obama was that he was very calm and composed, almost too much as to appear aloof, not as passionate as McCain. This is a great strength in a leader, no? You keep your cool, you listen, analyze and work out a way to solve the problem or handle the situation. I've seen Obama giving speeches on tv. When it came to issues he cares about, he is definitely passionate.

Some said he was not engaged in the debate. I think, to be more specific, he was not engaged in areas his opponents wished him to. This is exactly the way to deal with them, I think. You decide what you think most deserves to be engaged in, not falling into the traps laid by you opponent ... just like you don't get into a stupid fight in a bar when provoked by a drunk.

I almost threw a pattern book at the tv when McCain did the air-quote.

I hope after his 15-minute today, everybody would leave Joe-the-plumber alone.

I was able to finish the back of a new sweater (Eastlake) last night watching the debate:
As you can see, the front was also started. I would put turbo charge on this project ... hopefully I won't need wool sweaters until the end of November.

Surely, I also started the Booby Socks:
So far so good. However, there is one thing I am not too happy about:
I don't have too serious problem with laddering like this when the stitches are knit ones. Purl stitches, however, are bad ... really bad. :(

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