Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unknown territory

Time really drifts by so quickly ... especially when there was a guest in the house! Last week was all-week family time here. Now my mother-in-law is back home, it's also time for me to come back here. :)

During her stay, I mainly worked on the mystery socks. The toe-up pattern with a heel flap is an unknown territory for me. Therefore, I waited until I was sure I started the heel increase at the right place to begin the second sock:
As you can see, it fits! I was pretty happy as I got the right place at the first try. However, unlike cuff-down patterns, I am still in the fog about how the heel works with toe-up ... this means if I don't have the pattern with me, I can't continue on my own. Anyway, I figure given more practice, the day would come. Right now, I am happy with my progress:

I also made quite some progress with the other project on the needle before my mother-in-law arrived:
Not sure if you can see clearly, but I am now in the body's ribbing section ... 3 more inches longer than in the photo. I tried it on this morning but not bother to take a photo, but the whole thing fits well so far. I know I first planned to make this into a long-sleeved sweater, but now I am back on the fence because I want to have it finished badly.

Oh, one more note about my mother-in-law. I think it would be time to plan for another project for her next year. She is not really a shawl person, so Birch is not used that much. But it's obvious that she loves Victorian Ruby. So I'll be looking for gorgeous red yarn and rectangular lace patterns. :)

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