Friday, September 05, 2008

It must be the heat

Maybe it was because of the intense heat lately, I have been seriously slacking in posting. Even with the air-conditioning on, I am sweating just sitting in the living room. I am starting to wonder if I am entering menopause. My mother suffered quite serious hot flashes ... if menopausal symptoms are genetic (are they?), there is good chance I would too! Well, I am just hoping that there would still be a couple of years before I have to go through that.

Maude is a challenge. Again maybe it was the heat, or I just haven't done any real lace for quite some time. At first glance, the pattern seemed to be pretty straight forward ... Note to self: Never underestimate any lace pattern. Progress has been slow:
But I'm definitely making this into a long-sleeved sweater ... most probably bell-sleeves. That should make the sweater of better use.

There should be one more thing I blame on the heat. I definitely don't need more sock yarn. But look at this:
I was very excited to know Lion Brand has a fingering weight sock yarn line. But when I checked the colourways on the web, I was not too impressed ... until I saw the real thing in the store. They are all so beautiful! I had a hard time choosing which one to buy ...

You may think I am complaining about the heat. No, I'm not. Actually I am enjoying it ... the days are already getting shorter and it is always during September, right before the cold weather comes, that the heat gets intense. The high pressure brings intense blue sky ... gorgeous weather. Enjoy it while it's here ... have a nice weekend. :)

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