Friday, August 01, 2008

This should be blank as I too suffered from "title block"

Ooops! I am so sorry that I carelessly disclosed some spoiler details of a movie that you may want to watch! I swear, I didn't do it knowingly! Next time I write about movies or books, I would be more careful!

The yarn finally arrived today. This is great because I can work on the Dreamcatcher cardigan during the weekend. It's always good to have WIPs finished ... especially when all of a sudden, I put 2 more to the list! While I was waiting for the yarn, I again was bitten by the startistis bug ... besides Gabi, I also started Taj Mahal:
This doesn't seem much, but considering the fingering weight yarn (Cotton Fine) and tiny needles (US1), it's a lot. The majority of the project is in stocking stitch, so I am not sure if I would have the patience to focus on it. But I really hope to be able to wear it before the cool season comes.

August is going to be a very exciting month with all the new patterns and magazines coming. I saw the latest VK in the LYS yesterday ... and this issue's cover is simply gorgeous! It's not just the mitten design but the model, the way she was dressed, the colour combination of the whole cover ... everything just come together in a magical way. I am so looking forward to receiving this issue. And of course the latest buzz today is the brand spanking new Twist Collective. And the first issue of Knotions coming Monday ... ::sigh:: the coming fall we are all going to be very busy! LOL!

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