Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mystery of Mary

This is Mary:

A project I have wanted to make way back, but am still hesitating. Mary is a one-size project. But she has schematics though:
Ravelry certainly helps ... but the mystery of Mary remains. If a US size 4 person feels the jacket snug, would it fit me??? This is why I keep stalling the project.

This is Shaped Denim Jacket (don't you just love projects with a real name?) from Celtic Knits:
No schematic from the book. No Ravelry help as no finished project has been documented yet. This photo is the best shot of the jacket I can find. But it does seem to be of similar style as Mary and there are 2 specific sizes (W0w!) ... small (40.5" for 34" bust) and medium (42" for 36" bust).

So, I thought ... maybe the Shaped Denim Jacket can help solve the mystery of Mary. Let's compare the various number of stitches between the 2 projects:

Mary SDJ (34") SDJ (36")
Cast On 103 109 117

117 113 121
Waist Decrease 95 - 71 105 - 89 113 - 97
Upper Body 77 - 117 97 - 113 105 - 121

The basic pattern for Mary is a leaf pattern and cable and seed stitch for SDJ, so I would say Mary would be like the larger size of SDJ ... which would be good for me.

I do feel a bit more confident now. But the new dilemma is ... which one should I make? Both are cute ... leaf? or cable?

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