Monday, August 04, 2008

I love X Games!

For NASCAR, I think I would never understand ... at least I just get bored seeing the cars running their second laps. But the X Games Rally is just intense and exciting ... and yeah, I got wowed! This year, I was lucky enough to catch the X Games live shows. The essence of X Games is adrenaline rush ... the games are intense and the actions are exciting. All the competitions are packed into 3 days ... before you know it, everything is done, leaving you wanting more.

One more reason to love the X Games this year, it helped me push the Taj Mahal forward for 9":
A few more inches and it's ready for armhole-divide ... woohoo!

The new VK arrived today ... and I really really love it! In the past, the VK patterns always gave me the impression that they were not wearable items ... more like designers' projects for fashion show runways instead of for real people. I think the models they use and their photography play a great role in creating this impression. But I am able to look past this gradually. Vogue is not Vogue if they are not glamourous and high-fashion, right?

These are my favourites from this issue:
and #9, #11 and #12, which you can see here.

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