Wednesday, August 13, 2008

50 more rows to go

Even though there are only 11 stitches in each row knitting the hem edging for Taj Mahal feels taking forever! There are still about 50 more to go ... so, let's read some magazines.

The latest issue of Interweave Knits arrived last Friday. If the fall issue were a boxing match between VK and IK, VK would win by knock out in my book. I am not much a fan of "mixed media", and some of the fits of the projects look weird to me. The Afterthought Dart Cardigan, which was quite appealing when I previewed the issue on the web, just fell short of the expectation when I read the magazine. I would say the only project that attracts me is the Baachus Socks ... but I would have to go easy with the bobbles on the foot ... or buy new shoes to wear these socks! LOL!

However, I do feel the need to compliment IK for using models of various sizes. I think it makes great difference to see a project being worn by someone close to my size from time to time ... since trying to become really skinny is always a futile effort to me!

Then the summer issue of Knitter's Magazine is a nice surprise. Okay, so there are still those projects with a thousand colours in them (I am sure they are some others' cup of tea, so, who am I to judge?), but take a look at Piano Keys, Sea Oats, Vanda, and Spring Thaw! Besides, there are the articles with Jane Sowerby and Cat Bordhi. Definitely an issue worth owning.

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