Friday, August 29, 2008

08:19 Ribbed Lace Socks

Oops! Not posting for a week! In case you're wondering, I'm still breathing ... and knitting ... hehehe ... Dental appointment, nightmarish-sleep-induced migraine and mild heat stroke from washing the car in an almost 100F afternoon were among the distractions.

Oh well, I do have some good knitty things to share, though. After last year's disappointment, Rowan International seems to have improved and my free gift has arrived already:
I am not too interested in the pattern, which is a bag. So, I am wondering what to do with the 6 skeins of Rowan Denim yarns. With so many things on my mental to-do list, most probably these would sit in the stash for a while.

I have also swatched for a new project:
I think I would start this soon, just wondering if I should change it into a long-sleeved sweater. Would doubling the Zephyr Wool-Silk (lace weight) be too warm for a short-sleeved sweater? This is my concern.

For the last few months, whenever I rummaged through my sock yarn stash, I found this staring at me:
Sockotta in a not particularly enticing colourway. I have been avoiding it for quite some time. After finishing the Spring Forward Socks, I wanted to squeeze in one more pair if I could before SKA starts next month. It is funny that sometimes things would turn out great when you don't have any expectation. I managed to find a pattern that works well with this yarn and actually enjoyed the knitting very much.

Pattern: Ribbed Lace Socks designed by Charlene Schurch from Sensational Knitted Socks
I tried several patterns before finding this one that seemed not being drowned by the colourway ... actually I think the yarn is more lovely knitted up than in a ball.
There is something new to me in the heel ... the garter stitch edging. I don't think I would use it again as it is a bit rugged and my foot can definitely feel the edging a lot more than the usual slipped stitch.

Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta (45% Cotton, 40% Superwash Wool, 15% Nylon) Col: 617
I don't remember why I bought this colourway ... most probably thought it would be good for man's socks. But it turns out Husband likes light colours, so this ball had sat in the stash for years. Just feel really good to have used it finally and the socks turns out to be likable.

Needles: Hiya Hiya dpns US1

Cast On: 08-22-2008
Cast Off: 08-28-2008

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