Saturday, August 16, 2008

08:17 Taj Mahal

I have to say, this is a great timing for the finish as it has been the perfect weather for tank top these few days. It is really a surprise that I could finish this project so soon considering the long stretch of stocking stitch, the fingering weight yarn and the tiny 2.5mm needles. Really have to thanks the Olympics Games.

Talking about the Games, despite all the controversies before and during the Beijing games, I couldn't help rooting for all the Chinese athletes. But I also appreciate whenever the athletes, whatever nationality, put on a good game ... like the beautiful performance of Natia Luikin and Alexander Artemev's amazing pummel horse routine just wowed me! Liu Zige winning the 200m Butterfly was a complete surprise. I am looking forward to Michael Phelps' chance of getting the 8th gold medal tonight.

However, our moods were dampened a bit lately because of what has been happening in Georgia. I found the Russian Foreign Minister's recent remark especially outrageous and the fact that so little the Western world could do completely helpless. We paid more attention to the events there than ordinary people because we know a friend living in T'bilisi. He is Husband's music buddy and the two had done remixes of each other's music together. Husband tried to get in touch with the friend right after the Russians went in but in vain. 2 days ago, we finally heard from him and he was okay, for now. We were of course relieved ... but given how far inside the country the Russians had pushed, we are still very worried. I just hope the peace talk would bring substantial results and the Georgians can start repairing the damages done to their country and have their lives back.

Well, time to return to knitting. Here is me in Taj Mahal.

Pattern: Taj Mahal designed by Gudrun Johnston from knitonthenet Issue 6
Love at first sight with this pattern when the magazine came out. I just felt that I would be able to wear this one well. Now I can tell you that yes, I love this tank. :D

I followed the pattern completely except skipping one round of decrease in the body. The lace hem edging is beautiful, though a bit tedious to knit. For the cap sleeves, the designer used knit into front and back of one stitch over the center of the cap to create a flaring effect. If you don't like this, you can do it your own way. I have checked Isabella from Knitty and found that armhole finishing quite beautiful too.

The front lace panel near the neck is the eye-catching detail of this project. Basically, the neck finishing is just knit one round and then bind off. So, I was a bit worried there would be serious rolling action. But the little trick of decreasing stitches at the back of the neck solved the problem. However, this meant that I need to use one larger-sized needle to bind off to make sure the neck opening was big enough for my big head. ;)

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fine 1/2 lb cone (80% prima cotton and 20% wool) Col: Cotton Ball
I used 1 1/2 lb cone plus a little bit more for one cap sleeve. Love this yarn! It's light weight and comfortable. The cotton/wool blend means it's easier to manipulate than pure cotton. I think this would become my no. 1 choice of yarn for summer tanks.

Needles: KnitPicks Options Fixed Circular 2.5mm

Cast On: 07-31-2008
Cast Off: 08-15-2008

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