Friday, July 11, 2008

Wish you a great weekend!

I don't have anything new to show because I checked this out from the library yesterday. This is one of my favourite crime shows (yeah, I watch almost all the crime drama on tv ... to such an extent that is kind of alarming to Husband ... LOL!) which I always missed and which CBS didn't offer free on demand. My knitting productivity was a bit low when watching this show ... I wonder why.

Last time I forgot to mention my new HiyaHiya dpns. I bought the US0 and would like to have the US00 if there was any. The points were not as sharp as I expect them to be ... but I love using these dpns almost as much as the bamboo ones! They are lightweight, not like those KnitPicks ones, and they have just enough grip so stiches can slide smoothly but not off the needles easily.

Husband would be putting extra hours on his work project this weekend, so I think I would have lots of time for my knitting too. :) Wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead.

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