Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Wednesday

Still waiting for the Berroco Suede to arrive.

Hands can get really sweaty when knitting with Kidsilk Haze in summer. Once I got used to the lace pattern, the knitting of Gabi would be quite uneventful ... just a large piece of rectangle with neck opening in the middle.

Rowan 44 arrived this afternoon. I like Fontaine and Dietrich. I might even have something in my stash to make them. Great! This doesn't happen to me very often. ::grin:: But I hope the knitting kit would come soon too.

Recently I discovered that Piecework is a very enjoyable magazine, so I decided to subscribe. In the latest issue, there is a beautiful shawl from Nancy Bush's new book.

I was completely caught by surprise when Neil Patrick Harris was shot to death in the second Harold & Kumar movie, which was not as good as the first one to me. The level of grossness is unnecessarily high for me. Good thing there is something to look forward to ... have you watched the trailer?

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