Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Keep the socks coming

Have you joined the Summer of Sock 2008? I missed it! But no worry. The Sock-A-Month KAL has been very effective in keeping up my sock mojo. What I like about the SAM is the minimal requirements -- a pair of socks with heels a month -- that's it.

For July, I already have one pair (the Go With The Flow Socks) and the second pair are coming:
This is Tabi Socks from Veronik Avery's Knitting Classic Style. I am not too crazy about the cuff. The lace pattern is lovely but hardly an easy one to memorize! I am still undecided whether to knit them in the tabi style (split-toe) or not ...

Don't you just love the colourway of the yarn? That was Fleece Artist Basic Sock in Wild Flower ... one of the lovely gifts from Debi. Yeah, I have decided that there was enough patting of the yarns, and now is the time to make them into something even more beautiful. The colourway is beautiful in a different way when in the form of a yarn cake:
The colours are so pale that I feel I have to breathe very gently or they would be blown away!

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