Thursday, July 17, 2008

He loves me ... he loves me not ...

Instead of tearing single petals off a flower one at a time, I knitted one round and said, "it works!" ... knitted another round and said, "it works not!" What am I talking about? This:
I think the pattern (Floral Lace Anklets from Lace Style) does show better with more repeats. When there was only the cuff, it seemed all meshed up and I was so prepared to frog and start again. I am still half holding my breath ...

Guess what this is:
Weird shape, huh? The circular was not long enough, so I can only show you half of it. It's the Dreamcatcher Medallion Cardigan. Finally. I have wanted to make this for so long. The yarns are Berroco Suede, which I originally planned to make the Berroco knitting tote. But after seeing the real thing in Stitches West, I realized I didn't really want the tote. I always love the texture of the Suede knitted up:
Love the subtle kettle-dyed-like shades of colour too.

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