Monday, July 21, 2008

08:15 Floral Lace Anklets

Back when I first started knitting socks, I was pretty anal about the 2 socks being identical. Not a fan of using circular needles for socks, I had 2 sets of needles and started both socks at the same time, alternating between them in sections. When I found that this didn't really work too well, I started taking notes ... how many rows for the cuff and the heel, how many stitches to pick up for the gusset and the decrease pattern for the toe. The habit of note-taking has been very beneficial to my knitting, not just socks, in general. However, sometimes I slipped and forgot to mark down what was important. If I discovered this while knitting the second sock, I would get really Monk-style agitated ... which is silly actually.

It is silly because very often the "difference" is not visible at all. I am just glad that I am completely over that stage. See this:
The two cuffs are obviously different. I discovered I missed one row of the cuff pattern in the first sock after finishing the cuff of the second. My old self would be tempted to rip the first sock and do it over again! Or at least I would rip the second one and knit it the way the first one was done. Now? No way I am going to rip that much because of one row's mismatch.

So, I have another pair done ... a pretty pretty pair!

Pattern: Floral Lace Anklets designed by Evelyn A. Clark from Lace Style
I love this pattern ... easy to memorize and the pattern is pretty pretty pretty. I am starting to see why Evelyn Clark is the favourite sock designer of so many knitters. Maybe next year would be my Year of Evelyn Clark ... LOL!

Yarn: Crystal Palace Maizy (82% Corn Fiber - 18% elastic nylon) Col: 1211 Orange Crush
Isn't the colour most suitable for summer? The Maizy yarn is a bit thicker than TOFUtsies but still very good for summer socks. I love the cushiness of the socks. Besides, I believe it would not get stiff with wash like the Esprit socks do.

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns US1

Cast On: 07-16-2008
Cast Off: 07-21-2008

I don't know what happened to me. Maybe I was stimulated and inspired by Polly's sock knitting recently. I have already started my 4th pair in July! :D

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