Tuesday, July 15, 2008

08:14 Tabi Socks

This traditional Japanese socks are still quite popular nowadays. Proof: I can obviously see many of the competitors (even non-Japanese) in Ninja Warriors (Sasuke) wearing tabi socks. I've never worn these socks before ... that was why I finally decided to try this something new.

It was fun. Even just looking at the sock on needles, it was fun! I found myself trying the sock on frequently ... yeah, more than the usual sock knitting frequently ... because the sight of this was just hilarious to me:
Please excuse the un-pedicured toe
... I didn't really enjoy having
another person treating my fingers and toes!

I can't say immediately if I like this type of socks. I guess it is certainly an acquired taste. But it is certainly good to be paired with sandals:

Pattern: Tabi Socks designed by Veronik Avery from Knitting Classic Style
A fun variation of ordinary sock patterns. However, knitting the small circumference of a toe is tiresome. This is also another reason I don't like knitting gloves, other than that I don't have a great use for them.
If I like them, I think I would knit another tabi-style pair in summer yarns. For now, I am not sure.
The lace pattern is definitely lovely. But don't try to memorize it ... I couldn't.

Yarn: Fleece Artist Basic Merino Sock in Wild Flower (100% merino, 349 yards)
A lovely basic yarn in lovely colour. I have to thank Debi again for this wonderful gift. Extra love for the yarn because it is machine washable. I think I really like knitting with tight-twisted yarn ... can't really say why ... it just felt very good holding tight-twisted yarn in hand.

Needles: Hiya Hiya stainless steel dpns US0
For such small size, I certainly prefer steel dpns over bamboo ones. Between the Inox and Hiya Hiya, I like the latter because the Inox ones are too gripping.

Cast On: 07-06-2008
Cast Off: 07-14-2008

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