Monday, July 07, 2008

08:13 Vogue Lacy Dress

So, I didn't really set fire to the dress ... never do anything on an impulse! But this did indicate my patience for this dress was wearing thinner by the day, despite the fact that I still love to have it done.

For some time, I thought I would have the dress done but it was not going to fit ... until I had the neckband(s) sewn:
With no patience and no yarn left to knit the long sleeves, I made 2 17-repeats of the lace edgings as the sleeve-caps. To my very pleasant surprise, the result is very very good:
About the problem I had earlier which nobody else seemed to have, I think it was because I used a slightly thicker yarn and so it came out more obvious in mine. But as you can see here, the transition between the two skirt panels is still awkward:Luckily, it seems to look better when worn:

Project: Lacy Dress designed by Shirley Paden from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007
This is a "flouncy baby-doll dress with bell-sleeves" which is usually too feminine for my taste and too young for me. However, for some unknown reason, I fell for this pattern the moment I got the magazine. If I were under 25, I would have no problem wearing this going everywhere; but at 44, I think I would stick to my original plan -- wearing it to the swimming pool only. :)
Since my yarn is thicker, I made the small size which gave me a somewhat medium. On the whole, I think the pattern is well-written and the shaping is good. But there is indeed a pattern correction on their site ... which I didn't have to follow.

Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus (51% Cotton, 49% Acrylic, 178 yards) Col: 3100 Cream
For my sleeveless version, I used 8.5 balls. I decided to use this yarn for the pattern mainly because I had 4 balls in the stash. Where did they come from? I completely forgot ... it happens, right? LOL! But if you want to make this dress, I'd say using a sport weight yarn would be better ... the dress would be lighter.

Needles: Denise US6

Cast On: 05-02-2008
Cast Off: 07-06-2008

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