Monday, June 09, 2008

Random Monday

Time again for another random post since there is not much to tell on the knitting front ... maybe except the fact that I'm loving the Estonian Sock pattern:
I can't wait to finish this pair ... they are just lovely.

Did you know that Lion Brand has a new pure wool in cone? It seems that it is not available everywhere. Since I need to order some Cotton Plus for the Lacy Dress, I got one cone in plum just to check it out. It felt decent. :)

The mercury is on the rise again lately, which is normal for the season. My rose bush has several flower buds waiting to bloom. And I almost forgot these guys:
They were planted at the same time as the daisies last year. For some time, I thought they were all dead. But since I have other plants to take care of, so I also splashed them whenever I watered. Yesterday, they greeted me with pleasant surprise. I love the fact that the seeds are of mixed colours ... I am hoping to see more coming out.

Recently, we got addicted to 2 crazy Japanese game shows on G4 -- Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke. Husband loves the competitiveness of the Japanese people ... I just love seeing people doing crazy fun things that I myself don't have the guts to do. To me, the Japanese people always have an obsessive side in everything they do ... this is also how they can come up with things that are heartbreakingly cute! ;)

As if I really had extra time, I got hooked to playing this escape game! It is really fun ... but not easy ... and I am still stuck in the room for now. I got the wall puzzle right but nothing happened! If you are playing too and get past that wall puzzle, drop me a hint please! :)

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