Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One more bar

Remember my 3-bar daisies? Well, there is one more bar now and it seems more are coming:
They are among the small things that make me happy everyday. When the weather first turned warmer, there was a mosquito problem in the area, so I didn't get out to the patio too much. Now it seems better, so I think I would plant some sunflowers ... last year's were so beautiful and I love them.

Since I am waiting for the Cotton Plus to arrive, I whipped up another square for GAA:
Have I told you I don't like knitting bobbles? The two huge clusters at the bottom of the square are enough to make one crazy! Sally Melville is the designer of this square. According to her, all the stitches on this square were from a sweater she designed. Honestly, I am not sure I would wear the sweater. The square itself is pretty busy and chaotic to me ... maybe the sweater would be better ... maybe!

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