Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Quilt!

Not every quilt design appeals to me, actually, very few do. But when I find one, the desire to make it often comes strong. The Colour Wheel Quilt is of course a very good example. Now there is another.

You can say I am lazy ... because it is a pre-cut Joann exclusive package. I saw the kits in the shop and ... isn't it just beautiful? You can see the whole quilt here. Another appeal of the quilt is that I can get experience of various techniques working on the blocks. However, not being sure if I was able to make the whole quilt, I just bought one block:
Unlike the Colour Wheel Quilt, accuracy in the seam allowance is very important in this quilt. I had to rip out the first attempt at the smaller squares because the measurement was not right.

Another challenge is the embroidery. I had wanted to try doing embroidery for quite some time ... so I had everything ready. I did the vine on the left first and didn't get the stem stitch right:
Obviously, the stem was too thick. But I love the daisy stitch ... so cute. After some practice (I know, I shouldn't have practiced ON the actual block! How dumb of me!), I think I got it:
Now the question is: Is it worth it doing the first vine again?

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