Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A lovely new store

I love checking out new yarn stores. With knitting getting more and more popular, I found that yarn stores are getting more and more "local" to me. When I first started several years ago, 20 miles away is a LYS to me. Now there are more than one store within 10 miles. I recently discovered a new one ... and after one visit, I think it's going to be my new favourite.

I found Green Planet Yarn from SWTC's webpage. Since eco-friendly / going green is such a hype these days, I am usually very cautious with a business carrying such label. To me, some green products are just plain silly ... going green in a way means going minimal and it doesn't sound right to spend such money just to go green. But I digress ... one feature that marks GPY different from being just a neighbourhood yarn store is the focus of eco-friendly and sustainably produced yarns. One tour in the shop and you would find that Beth, the owner, has put great thoughts in the yarns the shop carries. There are yarns I haven't seen before in any other shops which are interesting. They even carry those Darn Pretty Double-Point Needles! I discovered them next to the cash register right after paying ... so leave that for next time.

If you go to the Gallery section of the shop's webpage, you'll see that the shop is well organized and yarns are beautifully displayed. One thing you can't see from the photos is that there is information of the yarn companies displayed on wooden chopping boards. So, before you buy their products, you can first learn something about the companies. True to their eco-friendly principle, your purchase would be wrapped in one of these:
And do read the receipt if you go shopping there:

I am not much of a conversationalist, so what I usually do is shop and go. But Beth is so nice and genuine that she managed to lead me out of my shell and had a nice little chat. I even showed her my TOFUtsies socks (and she was knitting a pair in the exact same colourway!) ... since I bought another ball (despite the fact that I didn't like it too much while knitting with it, the socks are actually great for summer wear!):
The other skein is Heritage (Cascade Yarns) ... a very soft sock yarn at a very good price. :)

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