Monday, June 30, 2008

A half dress and another square

Instead of waiting to see if the second piece of the skirt would fit better with more stitches, I ripped the first one and re-did it. Not 74 stitches this time, but 120. Do you think it's better?
Lacy Dress
It does to me ... no more bulging in the middle. For the previous version, I can only imagine myself looking like a sauage being tied on both ends ... LOL! Just thinking about this makes me laugh!

In the meantime, one more square for the Great American Afghan:
GAA - Barbara Venishnick Square
A little bit different this time ... a two-colour "garter and cable interlace". The size of this square came out a bit small and the shape a bit wonky ... so I think it needs to be on the blocking board for a longer time. The entrelac square was fun to knit ... just don't sweat about the more than 2 dozens loose ends at the back. ;)

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