Friday, June 27, 2008

Eye Sore Friday

Well, not exactly an eye sore ... it's just something doesn't look and feel right to me:
The ruffled edge of the skirt panel has 74 stitches ... while the panel above has 114 stitches before casting off ... and both should be sewed to the two sides of the same acorn insert. I've checked everywhere and no errata concerning this could be found. I'll try doing just one decrease row (thus giving me 148 stitches, which makes better sense to me) for the second panel.

Husband has added a new feature to Imagiris, one that I like a lot. It's the noise reduction ... using it would give you a much clearer image; you can compare yourself. He was very happy to find some of you giving his work a try and would like to thank you for the support.

Have a wonderful weekend. :D

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