Monday, May 19, 2008

We need some spider control!

Recap of the past weekend:
-3 spiders appeared in various parts of the apartment at various times Friday night. One was too big to capture and release, so we had to kill it.

-Early Saturday, we went to hardware stores shopping for stuff to repel spiders. We tried to find something that just stop them from coming into the house; however, we discovered that only "kill on contact" stuffs were available. At the end, we bought this and this:If you have other effective and eco-friendly and humane method of spider control, you are very welcome to provide the information. Thanks in advance.

-I watched the Indiana Jones Trilogy again on Sci-Fi Channel ... still like the third one best. We bought the first season of Monk and John Carpenter's The Thing ... and watched the movie last night. After having watched it for so many times (how many? I forgot!), I still found it frightening. :P

-We went to the swimming pool Saturday and Sunday doing laps. Husband taught me to dive and touch the bottom of the pool ... it was fun! But I was extremely exhausted last night!

-We had dinner in this Indian restaurant ... the food was very delicious! Yum!

After finishing the quilt, I finally returned to my knitting. Since the temperature suddenly shot up close to 100F last Thursday, socks also become out of season altogether. My motivation to finish the socks on needles was to be able to wear them ... but now it only hangs on to SAM5! But I discovered some lovely sock yarns on a trip to Purlescene:
I think it would be perfect for a pair of Nancy Bush's lacy socks.

There is also some progress on the Lacy Dress:
I am knitting the lower panel for the back now. I read on Ravelry that someone was making this in the round ... I guess it wouldn't be too complicated to change the pattern for that; but somehow, I like knitting in pieces and sew them up. :D I am hoping to finish this ASAP as it would be my dress of choice on top of my swimsuit going to the swimming pool.

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