Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is still a knitting blog

... though there hasn't been much knitting content lately. And one of the culprits for that has been this:
Yeah ... another black widow. This time Husband saw it on the floor in the garage just next to the driver's door. This was last Friday night. Saturday we examined the garage where it appeared ... and discovered a crevice on the wall which may lead to the bushes outside. The fact that there were so many spider-encounters in our apartment while our neighbours seem unaffected may be because of this passageway. So, exterminator came this morning and sprayed. We also spent the whole afternoon tidying up the garage ... throwing away empty cartons and putting things in covered plastic storage boxes, more spraying around the walls and entrance, sweeping ... so we were both exhausted. But the good thing is we now have a tidy garage! :D We would also request the management to block that crevice. Fingers crossed all these would solve the problem.

And then the car shopping during the Memorial Day weekend. This is our new car:
Though my driving skills have been approved by Husband, for his peace of mind, he still wants me to drive an SUV. Have I told you I had my first car's rear light broken and its right side scratched within the first week? And then had another car bumped into me in a parking lot within the first month? But those were the only 2 accidents I have so far. Yesterday I arranged to have the old car donated and towed away.

Not only have I been ignoring my knitting, but also my gardening. I just managed to water the existing pots, no time for sowing new seeds. Before winter came last year, I planted some daisies and they are now blooming sparingly:
Don't they look like coming right out from a Cingular AT&T "More Bars in More Areas" commercial? LOL!

I am pressing forward with my socks hoping to have them done in May. Another fingers crossed. :)

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