Monday, May 26, 2008


... and that's the condition of my knitting projects right now. I ran out of yarn for the Lacy Dress and I couldn't find any in the stores. Most probably I have to order online ... dyelot is not a problem for me. I just plan to wear it to the swimming pool anyway ... who cares? Then there is the socks ... I would really want to get it done soon, but somehow I lost the pattern print out ... and I lost patience watching the laptop screen. Maybe I should get it through the chart, from then on I don't really need the pattern.

So, that's it. Now let's move on to other project. I made this and I am not too happy with my own sewing:
The curved lines are simply not good enough. I think I know the problem ... I didn't clip along the curved seam allowance. Besides, I should have stuffed the ball fuller. But I have to say, this is a pretty intelligent design and was fun to make. I am using this as a pin cushion ... my first actually.

Stash. Not yarn stash ... but fabrics:
I tried to stop myself from going to Big Lots! too often because I know this is going to happen. But can you blame me? I washed them already and they softened up a lot ...

Then there are these:

Remember the Kermit the Frog book cover I made for my friend? Well she likes it a lot. And after showing her this, she and another good friend would like to have similar ones. Since they were visiting Taiwan earlier, I told them they could shop around for fabrics they liked. It turned out they had lots of fun in the quilt shop (link in Chinese), and oh how I envied them! They also bought me this book which is a collection of sewing/patchwork/needle felting projects by the shop owner:
Looks like I'm going to be busy sewing for a while! :D

Update on the car: The service department called on Saturday saying the repair would amount to $1600 while my car in working condition may be only worth around $3000+. After considering our options and abilities, we decided to lease a new car and donate this one to charities. We chose to lease because we hope that after 3 years, there would be more satisfactory hybrid models to choose from in the market. Last time I checked, it was $4.09 a gallon of unleaded regular gas here ... need always prompts improvement, right?

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