Friday, May 23, 2008

Please please please don't die on me!

So I sat in my car in the Whole Foods underground parking, talking gently to it, caressing the key-ignition ... doing anything I could so that it wouldn't die on me. But as the technician (how do you call the man who came to help you start your car?) said, my car just didn't like me today! Waiting for him to come already took me an hour; and I had to continue to wait for the tow truck. Then to the service department and then waiting for Husband to come and pick me up.

Last stop - home.

Physical conditions - thirsty, hungry and exhausted!

So, instead of showing you stash and project as promised, I chose to drop this short post and then go for a nap.

Wish your day was better than mine ... and enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.

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