Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Next time, you can just tell me I'm crazy!

When I said I decided to do "hand-basting", what I meant was "thread basting". I can see that many of you know what "thread basting" is ... as I read "patience" and "ambitious" in your comments ... hahaha ... but next time, if I say I'm going to thread baste again, you can tell me outright that I'm crazy!

I came to that conclusion myself after spending 2 days doing the basting, and having great pain in my left arm (this is strange since I'm right-handed) and butts and thighs. The pain in the arm was so severe that I could feel it in my sleep ... so I didn't sleep well and had to get up and take an Advil.

Luckily, the pain just lasted one day. With the right tools ready, I got things done relatively quickly:
thimble, curved needle, Hera marker,
dressmaker's cutting board

I didn't come to appreciate the true value of having a Hera marker until working on the quilt lines of this project. The marked lines can actually hold up for 3 days ... that's amazing! Since 90% of my apartment is carpeted, I really need the cutting board for the marking. This made me miss my grandfather's dressmaker's cutting table. He ran a home-factory with a few seamstresses (my mother and my aunts) sewing garments. In his home, there was a huge cutting table ... so big that me and my brother could play on it.

The quilting is done and I can now move on to the last step - binding:

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