Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are you still blogging?

Well, I am. Mmm ... at least I have the intention to. I so planned to post regularly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week at the beginning of the week, but just got caught up in daily chores. Since I read this article, I decided to try to be a better housekeeper! Have I given you the impression that my apartment is a big mess? LOL! Actually, it's not that bad, just some clutters here and there and some dust bunnies around some inconspicuous corners. I would like to do better.

As you may have noticed, the knitting blog community has been slimmed down quite a bit. To me, this is inarguably a result of Ravelry. While I enjoy using Ravelry, I am still enjoying keeping my blog and reading yours. I'm hoping given time, another new generation/wave of knitter-bloggers would come. For the time being, I'm doing my part by keeping this humble blog of mine alive. :)

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll have new stash and project to show.

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