Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Monday

There can be lots of reasons to have a random post, perhaps being Monday is one that requires little explanation / justification ... LOL! But today I have an additional one to add ... my camera was sent to the shop for repair. They said it would probably take a week ... so I may have to go pictureless for a whole week ... OMG!

My socks for April were done during the weekend, but of course I would like to wait until the camera is back to post on them. And then, not much was done ... it seems like I am taking things real easy. The sudden return of gusty and cold weather should help me work on Diva, only that it is not going to last very long. But I think I would pick myself up and work on it ... I don't want to leave the project rotting in the basket.

I am still doing catching up with the Bloglines. Reading through your posts suddenly made me realize one thing ... I haven't done a lace project in 2008 yet! I very much want to ... when would be the best time to start? After finishing Diva? Right now? I don't know ... but if I am to do so, the choice is going to be the Unst Stole. The yarn was wound long ago ...

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