Friday, April 25, 2008

Important benchmark

I think I was bitten by the Cleaning Fairy today ... I cleaned ALL the windows of the apartment this morning! When you really do the housework seriously, it can be exhausting! Whew! ;)

I set for myself the goal of reaching a certain benchmark before I would pick up Diva again. Last night, I finished more than 50% of the crochet afghan! 33 squares complete! This is big for me ... as I have stalled this project for quite a long time. Finally, earlier this year, I seemed to have made a mental breakthrough and felt that I could see the end soon. I don't want this aspiration to finish suffer a relapse. 8 more squares were added to the set ... and still, in my opinion, crocheted bobbles beat the ass of knitted bobbles in terms of ease to make and cuteness:

Have you seen the preview of IK 2008 Summer? Michelle expressed exactly how I felt! Well, most probably it's just not our cup of tea. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend.

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