Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm back ... and really exhausted!

The major purpose of this trip is to settle an emergency legal matter back in Hong Kong, and the dates of the trip were around the time of Ching Ming Festival ... therefore, besides running back and forth between home and the attorney's office, I also paid a visit to my grandfather's grave. Plus the long flights, the one-week trip left me feeling extremely exhausted.

But still, I managed to do a little bit of shopping:
Each spool contains 500 yards of 100% polyester sewing threads ... and these here costed me $2.5! Yeah, you read it right, less than $3 for all! And I also looted my mom's stash:
Since she mainly sewed tailor-made suits, most of her threads are of very conservative colours. But surprisingly, she also had some DMC embroidery threads. These are all mine now ... hehehe ...

Bookstore is always another stop one shouldn't do without, no matter how little time one has, because there is always something special:
A crafting magazine from Taiwan, whose style and taste are very close to Japanese ones, but with the added advantage of being printed in Chinese language:

See? Complete step-by-step illustrations of how to make these very cute home slippers.

Not much of these are related to knitting since I always feel that I have had more than enough yarns, patterns and knitting books! But I squeezed enough time to have one Child's First Sock done:
I seriously think a portable light is needed next time I want to knit on a long flight ... the lights on the plane never worked in the right direction, and most people don't like having lights when they want to sleep.

I'm still taking time to recover from the jet lag and the accumulated housework and laundry. So, most probably see you again next week. :)

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