Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here!


I was not allowed to watch too much tv when I was a kid, so I didn't grow up with the Muppet Shows. But a friend of mine loves Kermit the Frog. I am not much into knitting toys and lace doesn't seem to be her thing. So, I think I'll make her a book cover using Kermit the Frog fabric, which by the way was not easy to find! Mine was from an eBay seller.

I got the idea of how to make the book cover from a plastic one my friend sent me (mainly for the measurements and structure) and a Japanese magazine (リネン&コットンと暮らす。vol.3 ISBN978-4-529-04473-8):

I like the idea of having a bookmark, so I made a book thong to go with the cover:
Recognize the green dots fabric? Yeah, the same one I used for my crochet hook holder ... I love this simple pattern a lot. The strap was made by sewing a length of ribbon with the wrong sides facing ... it adds a little blink blink to the project:
This ribbon was a steal from Big Lots! ... 88 cents for 3 yards!

Now, Kermit the Book Cover in action:

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