Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend swatches

The past weekend was a swatching weekend. Since I haven't decided which project to start first, I just did the swatches for both. Whichever found the right needles and gauge would be the chosen one, I thought.

Seeing Deb's Celtic Icon, I dug up the Silky Wool in my stash and swatched. So far, I am happy with it:
And I like the cornflower colour a lot too! I need to use 4 mm to get the gauge. Coincidentally, the right needle size for Diva is 4 mm too! Now I just have to wait a couple of days to see how much the swatches shrink back without the pins ... that way I would get the more realistic gauge. But still the same old question, which one to start? A couple of you have voted for Diva ... and acutally I am leaning towards Diva too ... the more mindless knitting.

For the time being, a couple more squares for the afghan:

The cat square was designed by Melissa Leapman. At first I didn't like it as I felt the cat was not round and chubby like the way I love cats. But when the square was done, I think it is pretty cute. Acutally, it was so cute that Tricia made a whole afghan using this square!

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