Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No time to knit

... since I was busy doing other stuff yesterday.

I used up my last tomato pasta sauce Monday night, so I had to make a new batch. Husband always love it when I make the sauce because the whole apartment would be filled with the aroma ... better than Glade candles.

This was chicken stock. I usually use store-bought ones. But since I had some chicken carcases saved from roasted chicken, it would be great to make some myself.

Then, I made the Tarte Lyonnaise for dinner. It is a new recipe for me, so I preferred to prepare it ahead of time ... giving myself time margin in case things went wrong. ;) This is our favourite appetizer from the restaurant and it is just wonderful that they shared the recipe on the web. Honestly mine was not as good as that in the restaurant ... which is just heavenly, but was still very very good. The dough is super easy to make with a food processor. However, I would use less salt next time.

I didn't spend the whole day in the kitchen, though.
I decided to go ahead and block Diva as a vest. It would be perfect for this weather ... so I am going to wear it as a vest before the sleeves are done. :) It must be all the good karma you sent my way, the blocked Diva has just increased a little bit in size ... the fit is still good. Thanks!

I also put into action something I had been considering for a long time -- recycling Ella. It is a lovely shawl, but I am very certain that I like using rectangular stoles much more than other shapes. Guess what I'm going to use the yarns for? :)

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