Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March is National Crochet Month

Though crochet garment is not for me, I am always fascinated by the various gorgeous crochet stitch patterns. I just learned from This Week in Ravelry that it is National Crochet Month in March ... and this motivated me to dig out my age-old UFO and start crocheting again.

One thing is certain ... I am much better in how to count the stitches. At the beginning it was really a big pain not being able to do so ... I had to keep mumbling to myself the number of stitches I did when crocheting. You can imagine ... I wouldn't talk to Husband in fear of losing the number ... and he would love talking to me just for the fun! LOL! Being more capable in visually recognizing the stitches encourages me to be more confident.

I have 3 more squares to add to the pool:
The Cluster Square is a lovely one. At first I was not good at crocheting in circle ... but that seems to make the most beautiful ones. Crocheted bubbles are more fun than knitted ones.

This is called Woven Relief Stitch ... and I think it is a pain to make ... Uggghhhh!

Compared to the Cluster Square, this Circle in a Square is a lot plainer. But it seems the stitch numbers in the pattern were not accurate. I tried several times but still couldn't come up with the numbers stated ... so I improvised.

The Babette Blanket is such a big hit ... and honestly, it is a true beauty. But I wouldn't allow myself to start another one before this UFO is finished. And I still have 44 more squares to go! 44! Let's make finishing this project the goal for 2008.

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