Friday, March 14, 2008

Garter stitch

Well, who would imagine a piece knitted in garter stitch would be so enticing? Especially for me who would easily be bored to tears by stocking stitch!

Maybe it is the stripes?
But I think it is more the desire to unravel the mystery of the pattern. So far, I felt like knitting a triangular shawl in striped garter stitch. Now, 26 stripes completed and I have cast off for the armholes. It is not visible in the photo, but the piece is now divided into 3 sections. The next step would be working the center section which would become the back.

One minor glitch, though. I might have forgotten to do one set of increases around the center stitch ... so now I am 2 stitches short in that section. Considering the gauge is 25 stitches to 10 cm ... I don't think it's worth ripping back, right? I have checked ... it was not visible at all. :D

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