Monday, March 31, 2008

08:07 Clapotis 3 ... or the absolutely uninspirational FO

That's right. Another Clapotis. I like the first one I made so much that I decided to make another one using the exact same yarn (from recycling Ella) of the exact same colourway ... and this time, I am going to keep it for myself! :D

This time, I took the FO pictures in its unblocked stage. I am still thinking whether I should block it ... but it seems with blocking, the stole is more manageable.

Pattern: Clapotis designed by Kate Gilbert from Knitty Fall 2004

Yarn: Araucania's Nature Wool (100% Wool) Labels were lost, so colour unknown

Needles: Denise US8

Cast On: 03-25-08
Cast Off: 03-31-08

On another note, Francesca of Fluffbuff is going to culinary school and she has started a new blog chronicling her school experience. For some reason I am not sure of, I feel very excited for her! Maybe if I win the lottery jackpot tomorrow, I would register too. Other than knitting, cooking is another new found creative outlet for me. From time to time I love to experiment with new recipes. Starting a cooking blog is out of the question for me ... but Flickr provides the solution ... From My Kitchen. The pictures were taken mostly just before the food were served ... so the quality was not really that great but it was great fun recording one's cooking.

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