Friday, March 07, 2008

08:05 Heelless Sleeping Socks

When I first started knitting socks, I told my mom what I was knitting ... and this was her response, "Oh, that would be simple, right? You just knit a tube and sew up one end, that's it, right?" That's my mom's idea of a handknitting a sock.

To someone who doesn't knit, or even to someone who knits, like me, turning the direction of knitting 90 degrees is an amazing thing. Heel turning is always one exciting moment in the knitting of a sock. So, I seldom consider knitting a heelless sock. But this time, I am knitting for a recipient whose foot measurements are unknown to me ... and I'd like to keep the socks a surprise.

Taking the heel out of the equation also seemed to have taken a major part of the fun! You can imagine how happy I was when these were done! LOL!

Pattern: Heelless Sleeping Socks designed by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks
The pattern is amazing! The number of cast on stitches is only 48 but it can fit my 8.5" foot. The foot I had in mind should be smaller ... and so the socks should be good. :)

As you can see from the photos, though they are heelless, the socks don't seem to be saggy. Actually, they wrap around the feet very well. But I would suspect their life would be shorter if being worn in shoes.

Yarn: Hand-Painted Superwash Sock Yarn (100% Merino) by Royale Hare (2 skeins) in Geyser Peach
For 2 years, these 2 skeins have been sitting in my stash. I am happy that I finally managed to find a pattern to knit them up. The yarns are very soft to touch. I didn't notice this when I bought the yarns, but now I think I'd prefer the colours to be more saturated. I hope my giftee would like this colour more than I do. ::fingers crossed::

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns US 2.5

Cast On: 02-06-2008
Cast Off: 03-02-2008

I already have another sock on the needles. This time, I think it would go faster as I am using the thicker Fixation:
Pretty crappy shot, isn't it? :) I hope I can take better ones with the FO.

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