Monday, March 03, 2008

08:04 Pewter Filati Sweater

Husband has been sick during the weekend. He hasn't been sick for a long long time and when it came, it seemed to come at full force! Luckily, there was no fever but yet, he was still not in the mood to model the sweater. He is a lot better today. However, there is still no modeling shot. Why? The weather here is just too nice to wear a thick sweater. Today the temperature is in the 60s and 70s ... clear sky, lots of sunshine. There is no way he is going to wear that.

He did put it on for a moment ... just not long enough to get good shots. I can understand that. One would appreciate a thick sweater more when the temperature is right for it. The sleeves are a bit too long. It's just funny ... I knitted the sweater to the exact measurements of a sweater he has. One thing I hadn't done, and wish I had, is to try the pieces on him before sewing. Mistake mistake! But anyway, the sweater is done for now. That's good. :)

Pattern: Model 5 from Filati Special Man Edition 3
Only after I started did I realize the stitch pattern is a double knitting one. Otherwise, I would have chosen one that would give a thinner fabric and leave this for knitting at the end of summer. That way, the sweater would come out at a better timing.
This is a one-size pattern giving a 48" chest ... just the size I need. I did a couple of mods. Instead of the garter stitch border, I did the more conventional K2P2 ribbing. I also replace the V-neck with a K2P2 crew neck:
Isn't it nice and neat? I knitted double the length I wanted and sewn it to the inside ... the same way I did the last sweater for Husband. Even though the yarn is thicker this time, the result is still very good and not bulky.

Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr Silk-Wool 4/8 DK weight (50% Chinese Tussah silk, 50% fine grade Merino wool) (from Sarah's Yarns)
Very good quality yarn, which I am sure many of you know already. Though labeled DK weight, I feel that it is a tad thicker. I also love the large range of colours available too. This pewter is very suitable for man's sweater ... a pleasant change from the darker conventional colours.

Needles: Addi 4 mm for the body and sleeves; Addi 3.75 mm for the neck band.

Cast On: 01-24-2008
Cast Off: 03-01-2008

I am very happy to have this sweater done ... now I can make something for myself again! YAY! I am thinking of either the Celtic Icon (Ravelry) or Diva (Ravelry).

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